Market Street

Ok, this is my third Anita Hughes book. They amused me in their richness. And when I say richness, I don’t mean in style and depth, I mean in money. Reading about how the rich live and solve problems amused me when I should have been studying. They were like a piece of candy.


French Coast

French Coast is another Anita Hughes novel that I read during finals week. Very similar plot, except we now moved to France and there aren’t any princesses. Just Vogue writers, editors, models… At least in Hughes’s novels the women are also successful in their own right, but they come from money and privilege, and of course have such a hard time at the beginning. But being young,┬árich, beautiful, and talented, the problems never seem to become permanent.

Lake Como

Lake Como is an easy, simple read. It was exactly what I needed to read during finals week when I had an Anatomy test looming over my head. Its about rich people and their problems and how money seems to attack money, or something like that. There’s princesses and beautiful villas and of course a wonderful man for every woman.