The Water Knife

The Water Knife by Paolo Bacigalupi tells what happens in the southwestern USA when a long time drought hits. The Colorado River which supplies almost all of the water to the entire area doesn’t have as much water in it and the southwestern states have fallen apart trying to fight for their rights to whatever water remains. States have closed borders, lawyers fight over whose water rights are older, and water knives threaten and take back water by force.

In the midst of this chaos are beautiful a arcologies, developments that harness the power of biodiversity and recycling and create and clean their own water from their refuse. And outside these arcologies are civilizations at the brink of collapse. Wide spread fear and intimidation are how the other half lives, desperate for when their water is turned on or filtering their own pee when its not. The drought has brought dust storms reminiscent of the Great Dust Bowl.

Lucy, a journalist reporting on the end of Phoenix, and Angel, a Las Vegas water knife, come together to try to piece together their own puzzles which keep overlapping. Everyone has to make choices for their own survival and its hard to judge anyone since hope is not something available.

This was a great read!

Read March 2016

Moonlight on Butternut Lake

A couple of years after we met some characters in Up at Butternut Lake, we are once again transported to an idyllic lake community. In Moonlight on Butternut Lake, Walker Ford’s brother was in a terrible car accident and is recuperating at his lake house. Reid requires around the clock medical assistance and Mila Jones moves in to help with his day to day needs.

Both Mila and Reid are hanging on by a thread, but for different reasons, all related to their paths. They form a bond but their past comes back to haunt them. A little more of a thriller than the last Butternut novel, but with the same good hearted characters.

Easy, fun read.

Read March 2016

Up at Butternut Lake

Mary McNear’s Up at Butternut Lake is a picturesque view of small town life on a lake in northern Minnesota. Allie Beckett returns to her family’s cabin to begin a new life with her son after her husband died in combat. Even though over a year has passed, Allie has not come to terms with her widowhood and wants to begin a new life where no one will ask her any questions.

Allie easily falls into life with some old friends and new ones. Walker Ford, the handsome newcomer, is intrigued by Allie’s independence, a quality he values in himself.

This was a light-hearted look at a small town life with some real world complications. But the heart of the characters shine through.

Read February 2016