I Owe You One

Sophie Kinsella always puts out an enjoyable book because her characters feel real, even when they’re slightly extreme. In I Owe You One, I would definitely say her characters are well written, but since Fixie Farr takes so much blame from her family and feels the need to fix everything and everyone around her, its a little painful to read at times. How mean can family be and still think that they are in the right. All responsibility for their family business falls on Fixie, but no one will listen to her. Even her love interest is such a user its hard to read that he just walks in and she automatically makes him dinner while he grabs a beer and heads to the TV. Doormat much? I stuck it through because no matter how hard it was to see Fixie be treated so poorly, I hoped that it would get better and she’d finally find her own value and voice.

Great characters.

Read September 2019

Deadly Desires at Honeychurch Hall

There are so many secrets in Deadly Desires at Honeychurch Hall by Hannah Dennison, that its hard to keep track. Out main character, Kat Stanford’s mother has a secret brother, family jobs, romance literary career. Those that live at Honeychurch Hall are also keeping secrets from each other about a railroad that may or may not cut right through the village. When someone ends up dead, those with secrets they want to protect work hard to make sure its not exposed but still try to help solve the mystery.

Read August 2019

Death in Elysium

Death In Elysium, but Judith Cutler, is a cozy mystery where a really wealthy, intelligent, driven women ends up as a small town Reverend’s wife with all her churchly duties but unable to throw her money at the problems. Its a bit much how perfect Jodie Welsh is made out to be, finding solutions for many problems and getting the unemployed youngsters off the street by having them garden, build websites, or take photographs.

Easy read, a bit too unbelievable.

Read August 2019

The Last Anniversary

Liane Moriarty’s The Last Anniversary tells the story of Munro Baby Mystery, many years after the fact, when the whole of Scribbly Gum Island depends on the legend for tourism money. Baby Munro was found all alone, both her parents mysteriously gone. The site of their disappearance became an attraction where mainlanders would pop over for the day and a picnic and gawk at the small home where baby Munro was found. Now years and generations later, Sophie Honeywell has inherited her ex-boyfriend’s aunts home on the island and she slowly finds out what really happened.

Fun read.

Read August 2019