the woman in the window

In the woman in the window, A. J. Finn writes about a woman trapped in her own house. Anna Fox suffers from Agoraphobia and hasn’t left her house in 10 months. She drinks too much Merlot, watches too many Hitchcock movies, and spies on her neighbors. The only visitors she has are her psychologist, her PT, and her basement tenant who helps with things around the house.

That is all until the Russells move across the park. The mother rescues Anna from a panic attack when she attempted to leave the house. The two then have a Merlot-fueled fun evening together. And then Anna witnesses her murder through her window. The cops get involved and no one believes her with the multiple bottles of wine and the pills strewn all over the table. Even Anna has a hard time believing herself when the real Mrs. Russell shows up to confirm that she indeed was not murdered.

This novel has a very Hitchcock feel with the multiple twists and turns and an unreliable  narrator.

Great mystery!

Read October 2018

The Secret Place

The Secret Place is a coming of age story at an Irish boarding school with all that teenage girls do: secrets, friends, enemies; and some that most don’t: murder, witchcraft. Tana French has a cold case Detective Moran finagle his was onto a murder investigation with a difficult to get along with Det. Conway. At St Kilda’s, one of 8 girls  left a secretive note about the murder of Chris Harper, who was killed almost a year ago.

The novel seemed to drag on a bit into all the ins and outs of the different girl cliques at St Kilda’s, past my interest level. But the feeling of youth and how it felt so special to have  close friendships and secrets was true in my life and it was good to see it.

Read September 2018.