Then Came You

Jennifer Weiner’s Then Came You intertwines several women’s story’s of motherhood and fertility. Jules is a young Princeton student coming to terms with her sexuality and selling her eggs for a lot of money since she’s highly educated and beautiful. Annie is a stay at home mom of 2 young boys with a jealous husband. India is a little too old to be a trophy wife, but she lies about her age and just about everything else to tempt Marcus Croft, a very wealthy divorcee with older children. Bettina Croft, who never recovered from her mother leaving her father for her new guru, doesn’t trust the beautiful and secretive India.

Weiner has all the woman using their femaleness to get a leg up. From Annie who just wants a better life for family against her husbands wishes to Jules who will sell her eggs to have a better start to her new life. But everything comes with a cost that none of the woman anticipated.

I love how Weiner takes each woman’s strength and weakness and creates a group of women that can lean on each other. This is a quick, enjoyable read that I would recommend to anyone who wants more insight into how woman think of their bodies as a commodity and how the world uses them. In this story the women end up stronger for it, no one is perfect, but together they create a family, very nontraditional, but full of love.

Read September 2014