The Complaints

In Ian Rankin’s The Complaints, tells what can happen when the police department to investigate police wrongdoing is manipulated into investigating the wrong person. This was a quick enjoyable read about the police cover-ups, police manipulation, and determining who to trust when everyone seems to be hiding something.

Read June 2017


The Balmoral Incident

Alanna Knight’s The Balmoral Incident gives insight into a royal getaway with the royal physician and his sister, Rose McQuinn. While traveling with the King gives Rose luxuries she’s not accustomed to, it also leads to several unexpected deaths which Rose cannot help but investigate. With a side detour into the feminist movement of 1905 Scotland, that was mostly a ploy to continue to storyline.

While I enjoyed reading this book, the ending was left hanging for me. It’s probably what would have happened in real life, but this is fiction and someone should have been punished.

Read March 2017.

The Book of Souls

What happens when a convicted serial killer is murdered in prison and then victims murdered with the same MO are found? But instead of one a year, now the victims are killed within weeks of each other?

That’s the premise of James Oswald’s The Book of Souls, but with the added complication that the convicted killer’s last victim was Detective Inspector McLean’s fiancé. Its a pretty dark, cold novel with lots of layers to the story. The police are separately investigating a drug ring, an arson, and now the new serial killer. With limited resources to be shared, there’s a lot of volatility within the department that lead to some great police interactions.

Good read. Really liked to setting of Scotland since I don’t think I’ve read anything set there before.

Read May 2016.