A Hundred Summers

In A Hundred Summers, Beatriz Williams tells the tale about two friends who spent their childhood summering off the coast of Rhode Island, whose lives took a turn seven years ago. The story mainly focuses on the friendship and love life of the main characters Lily Dane and Budgie Byrne.

We’re introduced to these characters at the start of the summer of 1938, but through flashbacks and conversations we learn about their young college lives and ultimately how their friendship ended. Underlying everything, are secrets that have ruined the lives of many around them. The secrets that were left to fester for 7 years, while Lily is trying to hold her life together and ignore the blatant anti-semetitism of the old aristocracy of Seaview.

Williams’s gives the reader a glimpse of upperclass culture of the 1930’s while hitting upon antisemitism, classism, feminism and the strongest hurricane to hit the region until Hurricane Sandy.

This story is wonderfully told with so many twists and turns. The perception of reality is usually so wrong and it isn’t until the truth comes out that the storm can be calmed. Williams writes her characters so well with such social propriety, but there is so much warmth between many of the characters that stand by Lily. Great read!

Read September 2014