The Wild Woman’s Way

The Wild Woman’s Way, by Michaela Boehm, tells Boehm’s own story about how she became a Wild Woman and how she now teaches others. Being a Wild Woman is about finding pleasure in yourself, your surrounding, and finding how nature and our natural ways can heal us. This was a great journey to read and explore. I would like to reread to think more on how this can change my outlook and my experiences with life, love, and pleasure.

Read October 2019

The Clockmakers Daughter

Kate Morton’s The Clockmakers Daughter tells the interconnectedness of people across time and space, all connected and drawn to the beautiful, mystical Birchwood Manor.Currently, Elodie Winslow, an archivist, comes across a beautiful photo from 1862. Edward Radcliffe, part of a group of artists at Birchwood in 1862, stopped painting after losing the love of his life. His sister Lucy, who used the manor for a girls school. As well as several others connected.

Slow start for me, but then I couldn’t put the book down to find out what happens.

Read July 2019.

broken arm

Nine Perfect Strangers

Liane Moriarty had Nine Perfect Strangers meet at Tranquillum House to change their life. They all aren’t strangers, one couple and a family of 3 are included in their quest for betterment. All are in a remote health spa for a 10 day cleanse which they willingly signed up for. Once there, it seems not many read the fine print about the requirements to participate; days of silence, mandatory mediations, dietary restrictions. And then the real work began.

This was a page turner from the begging. Moriarty tells the story from everyone’s perspective, including each’s opinion about each other. It starts off as a gossipy fun novel that takes a wicked turn.

Great read! Read in 2 days!

Read June 2019.

Lethal White

Robert Galbraith (aka JK Rowling)’s Lethal White is the forth of a series, but the first I’ve read. Coromoran Strike, a private detective, has an interesting visit from Billy, a man who seems to be having a psychotic break, who tells him of a child murder from his childhood. Strike’s intrigued but is detoured by a paid investigation into a blackmail attempt on a member of Parliament, who coincidentally grew up in the same area as Billy. Not being able to drop the investigation, Strike and his now partner Robin Ellacott, stake out and go undercover.

Strike must deal with his physical limitations and life choices that have left him alone in his upstairs apartment, while Robin must deal with her marriage that shouldn’t have happened.

Interesting read and shows behind the curtains of wealthier families in Britain. The things that get hidden away and the lies that get told, all in the belief that they are somehow superior to pretty much everyone.

Read June 2019

A Lady’s Guide to Selling Out

Sally Franson’s A Lady’s Guide to Selling Out was a fun read about a young professional making it in the publishing industry. She’s financially successful, doing well at work, but at what cost. Social media can be a blessing or a curse and can make or break people. This was an enjoyable, funny read, but I read it a month or so ago and can’t remember much about it, other than that.

Read May 2019

Kingdom of the Blind

Kingdom of the Blind has Gamache under investigation again for the ending of Glass Houses. There are still deadly drugs in Montreal, but its the potential of the new drug that has everyone worried.

Gamache, Myrna, and an unknown man become executors of a will for a woman they’re never met. The dead woman left a title, millions of dollars, and buildings in Austria to her children, even thought she was a poor cleaning woman who died without much to her name.

Lots of intrigue over 130 years of legal battling over an estate that may not exist, has Gamache perplexed over his own involvement in this case, all while the time is running out to stop a powerful drug from hitting the market.

I’m a little worried this might be the last Chief Inspector Gamache mystery that Louise Penny will write. It will be sad to see him go. I really enjoyed how she wrote Gamache and all who became a family to him.

Read April 2019