The Complaints

In Ian Rankin’s The Complaints, tells what can happen when the police department to investigate police wrongdoing is manipulated into investigating the wrong person. This was a quick enjoyable read about the police cover-ups, police manipulation, and determining who to trust when everyone seems to be hiding something.

Read June 2017


How the Light Gets In

In How the Light Gets In, Louise Penny stars the mystery looking for a Three Pines friend’s friend. This friend ends up being one of the famous Quintuplets born in the Depression and used by the Canadian government to help raise the spirits during a dark time. However, this story ends up being pushed to the side to figure out how Chief Inspector Gamache is being pushed out of the Surete and how his enemy is using his former friend, Jean-Guy Beauvoir’s, drug addiction to help bring him down.

The murder of the last quintuplet seems to be dropped by the end of the novel. We know who did it, but no action is taken. The story of police and political corruption far outweigh the importance of a single murder.

I do enjoy this glimpsed of pastoral Three Pines and the community of unlikely friends, but did want more closer with the primary murder. Still well liked and enjoyable read.

Read September 2015.