Decanting a Murder

Decanting a Murder is the first Sommelier Mystery by Nadine Nettmann. LikeĀ Pairing a Deception, Katie, who just failed her Master Sommelier test, is visiting a beautiful, wine region and drinking lots of exclusive, delicious wine when murder happens. The mystery seems like a side to the wonderful wine country imagery, but its all believable and the twists and turns exciting.

Best paired with a Chardonnay.

Read January 2019

Pairing a Deception

Pairing a Deception by Nadine Nettmann, offered a fun glimpse into the wine world of California tastings. Katie, who is studying for her Master Sommelier test, spends a fun weekend at the Santa Barbara Wine Festival with her police boyfriend. The untimely death of an attendant has her spending more time questioning motives than studying her notes and puts her life in danger.

A fun read filled with lots of wine trivia! Made me want to have a glass of wine in the sun while I read.

Read August 2018, documented late.