Walking by Night

Walking by Night by Kate Ellis has Joe Plantegenet, former seminary student, meets with a drunk student who swears they saw a dead body. He’s a pretty thoughtful, sensitive detective that believes the student even when no dead body was found. Until one is found. The town of Eborby is covered in fog and filled with ghosts, and the new murder just added one more.

Nice twists and turns, and I liked that the main character was more thoughtful and considerate than the other characters. And the side plot with his old flame added an interesting depth to his character.

Read June 2019

The Mermaid’s Scream

Kate Ellis’s The Mermaid’s Scream tells the story of secrets, cover-ups, and murders that mimic a story from 100+ years ago. Archaeologists and historians help put the pieces together for an old crime and exonerate an ancestor of the new owner of a manor, as well help DI Wesley Peterson figure out the clues in a current murder investigation.

It was a little slow going at first, but eventually the twists were pretty interesting. It was a little neat how things matched up, but it was surprising.

Read August 2018