Jorn Lier Horst’s Dregs finds Police Inspector William Wisting investigating left feet that wash up on the shores. Several people went missing months ago, some connected to each other, some not, and Wisting needs to find the connections.

The story behind the murders is decades old and shows the patience and treachery people can be capable of.

Slow read.

Read July 2018


The Nature of the Beast

The Nature of the Beast is the most recent Louise Penny novel and takes place after Chief Inspector Gamache has retired from the Surete and moved to the quiet, picturesque village of Three Pines.

While I usually love these novels, this one is a bit far fetched, even for Louise Penny. This small, isolated village that cannot be found on a map becomes the center of a weapons war when a dangerous weapon is found buried deep within the forest.

I still enjoyed reading the novel and figuring out what happened, but with Gamache’s retirement, I wish that Penny moved onto other characters that could be put into more believable scenarios.

Read October 2015.