take a chance on me

take a chance on me is a cute story about an English girl living in her childhood village and having a great time with her new boyfriend. Her high-school nemesis moves back home after his father died and Cleo Quinn and Johnny LaVenture can’t seem to escape each other in such a small town especially after the wonderful boyfriend reveals his true colors. Cleo’s life may be difficult but its nothing compared to her sister Abbie and her husband Tom. Their world is torn apart by a secret from the past.

Jill Mansell really paints a beautiful picture of small town life and whats it like when you cannot escape the rumors and spies around every corner. Mansell also twisted two separate stories of the sisters into one narrative which made it more interesting than a simple love story.

Overall, I enjoyed the read. Its uncomplicated and light hearted, with a nice happy ending.

Read February 2014