Dark Saturday

Dark Saturday published under Nicci French is my second of the Frieda Klein mysteries. Written by Nicci Gerard and Sean French, In this, Frieda is asked to look into an old case of a troubled police officer. A decade ago Hannah Docherty was convicted of killing her family and Frieda is asked to look into how the investigation was conducted. Were there any irregularities? Anything off?

The further Frieda digs into this old case, the more she’s convinced that Hannah may not have been guilty, and since her conviction Hannah has been psychologically beaten down to a place from which she may never recover. While she’s looking into Hannah, Frieda keeps getting uneasy feelings as if she’s being watched. Has her stalker Dean Reeve resurfaced or is someone trying to prevent her from proving Hannah’s innocence?

I felt like this book started slow and didn’t immediately grasp my attention, but the whole country was about to go into isolation when I picked this book up, so my lack of initial interest may have been more circumstantial than related to the novel.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and Frieda Klein as an unlikely crime investigator.

Read March 2020

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