Ragnar Jonasson’s Snowblind is a story about place as much as the people. Siglufjordur is a small fishing village that is cut off from the rest of Iceland when the one road leading to town are closed due to weather. Ari Thor is transferred here for his first police job while finishing the police training. He’s isolated from his girlfriend, he’s claustrophobic from the tall mountains and the blinding snow, and he sees murder when no one else does.

Jonasson paints a very white, cold picture and has Thor investigating the death of a prominent author even though his captain thinks he just got drunk and fell down the stairs. Then a young woman is found almost dead in the snow, bleeding red into the pristine white.

This was a stark read. Its one of the things I love about Scandinavian mysteries when the setting becomes impossibly bleak. Now I can add Iceland to the same category.

Read February 2020

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