In Kristina Bergman’s Silenced, a religious couple is found dead in their apartment. Fredrika Bergman and the Criminal Investigation Department soon find out that one of their adult daughters had recently committed suicide and the other cannot be located after taking a 5 week leave of absence from her work. A sub story contains one of the daughters being harassed in Thailand, but neither the woman nor the audience knows whats happening. Another story is following a Iraqi immigrant making his way illegally to Sweden with the help of unknown group whose assistance is not based on pay but on services. How all these storylines fit together got a little confusing at times since some stories didn’t use names and then when the connections were made between stories it didn’t always make immediate sense.

Overall, a very good story, but it lost me a couple of times when I needed to refer back to prior chapters. Well done characters or gaps in storylines? Hard to tell.

Read January 2020

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