Fleishman is in Trouble

Fleishman is in Trouble by Taffy Brodesser-Akner tells the story about Toby Fleishman, who is in trouble. Newly divorced, Fleishman discovers what it means to be a middle-aged, reasonable attractive, although on the shorter side, single male in a new digital dating world. Sex seems to come easier than it did during his marriage to Rachel. He seems to be getting a handle on his new life, although with much bitterness towards the ending on his relationship. Then Rachel drops the kids off at his house, unannounced, and disappears. Toby cannot reach her by phone, at her apartment, or her assistant.

This is an interesting story where we hear one-side of the relationship for a good chunk of the book before seeing another side. Toby is so self-involved that he never saw what was happening in his relationship unless it was happening to him.

Funny, sad, but ultimately a true look into the breakdown of a relationship.

Read December 2019

Side note: This was the 52nd book of 2019. I was worried I didn’t hit the mark (again) but then remember I read this in early December and never wrote it down! So yea! Hopefully 2020 will bring lots of new, exciting stories!

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