Missing, Presumed

In Missing, Presumed, Susie Steiner introduces us to Edith Hind through her friends and family. In the middle of the night, Edith disappears. Blood on the kitchen floor. The foyer covered in coats. No reports of her anywhere.

DS Manon Bradshaw invesigates the crime, digging into Edith’s parents’ lives. With Edith’s father being a surgeon to the Royal Family, the press is ready to find anything wrong with the investigation, especially since the last big case missed some key evidence in calling it a homicide early enough. With the crime scene left the way it was and no body found within the first couple of days, most reporters and the police themselves begin to this of this a case of missing, presumed dead.

Several twists and turns and unintended consequences consume all Edith’s friends and family with a well written ending.

Read October 2019

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