The Sound of Gravel

Ruth Wariner’s childhood, as depicted in The Sound of Gravel, is full of abuse. She knew it, it seems like everyone around her knew it, but in order to accept their beliefs, they had to overlook so much. Young girls becoming second or third wives to incredible old men. Men marrying more and more women when they couldn’t support the wives and children they had. Women relying on the American welfare system to pay for their lives in Mexico since by law they were not married, but single mothers of many, many children. Apologizing for sexually abusing children and being let back into the home because the man just felt so bad.

Horrifying stories filled with love for each other and hope that everything will be ok. This doesn’t focus much on the religious reasons for their lives, but more on the functional disruption it causes. The personal hurts that people, especially the women and children endure, in order to live the word of their god.

Interesting and terrifying.

Read June 2019.

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