Holy crap this book was long. IT by Stephen King tells the story of 7 childhood friends, 6 of which reconnect 27 years later. A horrific string of murders happened in their childhood that they all barely remember, and they must come together again to end a new string of murders. Somehow in the intervening years, only one of them remembers what happened in Derry, Maine in 1958 and can see what is happening in 1984.

King is so incredibly detailed in this story, giving each character a unique voice, back story, current story, and action scenes. Its like the reader relives everything that the adults behind to remember with them, from each perspective. Derry has an evil presence that everyone in town seems to be subliminally aware but manages to ignore. This was a horror story to beat horror stories!

Excellent read! Might make me unable to finish my 1 book a week this year since it took so long to finish this, but worth it! I think I’m ready for some short, non-horrific novels after this one. Give myself a little break.

Read November 2017


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