A Great Reckoning

I love Louise Penny. I think her characters have a sophistication and wit that I love reading. In A Great Reckoning, Gamache, no longer Chief Inspector, takes on the Surete Academy with the hopes of ridding it of the bad apples that had been graduating rotten officers for the last several years. He makes so many changes and creates such chaos that the existing students don’t trust his motives, while the new students are being indoctrinated into the new and old ways simultaneously.

And then a professor of the old ways is found murdered in his room. Many secrets are exposed while Gamache has to sit aside and let others run the investigation. In order to protect a group of students, Gamache squirrels them away to Three Pines to solve a lesser mystery of a map hidden in the bistro’s walls.

Penny is able to tell a story from two perspectives as the students begin to learn who their new Commander Gamache is and what he stands for.

Great read!!

Read February 2017


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