If She Only Knew

Lisa Jackson’s If She Only Knew digs into the upper class of San Francisco after Marla Cahill crashes on a dark stretch of highway. She wakes up having forgotten everything around her. Slowly, her husband reveals their relationship as strained, as is the one with her teenage daughter. Nothing seems familiar to Marla, and everything that she begins to remember doesn’t match her life.

Marla’s brother in law is brought back into the fold to help Marla with her memory and to help the struggling family empire which appears to be on the brink of bankruptcy. Marla was driving someone else’s car, with an unknown friend, to an unknown destination when the car crashed. No one is able to help Marla figure out what happened. It isn’t until her memory starts coming back that the pieces start to fit together, but it threatens her life.

I bought this to read at the beach, and it was perfect for that. Barely scratches the surface of social issues, but the twists kept me entertained.

Read January 2017


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