I Let You Go

Clare Mackintosh’s I Let You Go is a mystery broken into 2 parts all defined by a dark night one November night in Bristol when a Jacob dies in a hit and run accident. How does anyone cope after loosing someone they love.

After that night, we see Jenna Gray escaping from the death by running and hiding from everyone. She ends up in a small coastal town where she rents a secluded cabin. She slowly starts to allow people into her life while still grappling with her nightmares.

Far from the shore, in Bristol, the hit and run investigation hits a stand still. DI Stevens and his subordinate Kate, have a hard time letting go of this crime after no leads are found. Their relationship also changes throughout the investigation as Stevens sees Kate as the young, optimistic officer he and his wife used to be.

Mackintosh brings the reader into this world and then mid way through changes the entire back story of the characters. While we no longer see Jenna as an innocent mother in this case, her story becomes even more sad and pathetic.

Great read with an unexpected twist to the story. All the characters are fully flushed out and have a depth to them not common in mysteries.

Highly recommended.

Read January 2017


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