and when she was good

Laura Lippman delivers a very questionable heroine in and when she was good. Heloise Lewis grew up unwanted and average, the daughter of a man’s second unwanted family. There was always someone or something better than her and her mother.

We meet her about 20 years later as she’s trying to keep her world from falling apart. As a suburban madam and escort, she’s built an incredibly lucrative career with a silent partner that is currently in jail. We are slowly immersed into her strange dealings with the johns, her employees, and her former pimp. The story is intertwined with learning about her history and how she became a 38 year old suburban mom running a discrete business.

Trust is incredibly important in her world and while many people need to trust Heloise, there are few that she can trust to prevent her worlds from colliding. When other madams start dying, Heloise knows its time to get out of the business and escape from her silent partner. But secrets have a way of coming out hiding and some of them are worth killing for.

Great mystery!


Read December 2016


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