Truly Madly Guilty

Liane Moriarty’s Truly Madly Guilty is a page turner story about childhood friends Clementine and Erika. They’ve grown up and grown apart, but neither are able to disentangle themselves from their childhood relationship. Written in the same style as Big Little LiesMoriarty gives small glimpses into a secret that a group of adults share. Slowly revealing what happens at a spontaneous neighborhood BBQ, the characters’ secrets threaten to tear apart the couples involved.

The “big reveal” wasn’t as dramatic as Big Little Lies and I was a little disappointed that the event was never discussed afterwards. Was it a scary and dramatic event? Yes, absolutely. But enough to tear apart friends, couples, and neighbors? Maybe, but a bit unconvincing. However, the story about the relationship between Erika and Clementine was interesting and held the book together. Forced to play as children, Clementine’s parents took in Erika to give her a sense of normalcy missing from life at her own home. The strangeness between the girls that this caused and how their friendship evolved was well written and thought out.

A good read, but the climax and big secret could have been more interesting. The characterization makes up for it to a certain degree, but the mystery part of this mystery needed a bit more work.

Read August 2016.


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