Siren of the Waters

Michael Genelin’s Siren of the Waters takes the reader across Europe to try to find the murdered of a van full of prostitutes. Commander Jana Matinova investigates with the help of friends around Europe to catch a major criminal. It was an interesting look into how the remnants of communism still linger in the political systems in Slovakia and the story is well told.

While investigating the human trafficking and murders, Matinova is also struggling to reunite with her daughter. In vignettes of the past,we get to witness her relationship with her husband who slowly becomes an enemy of the state. A lie Matinova told to save her daughter pain, is what drove them apart. An incredible sad back story for any person, but especially one who will never have any chance of reconciliation.

Good police novel with many social elements, including a love story brought down by a communist regime.

Read July 2016.


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