Never Tell

In Never Tell, Alafair Burke tells the tale of Julia Whitmore’s death and how Detective Ellie Hatcher went against all of her instincts to investigate what looked like a clear cut suicide. Ellie is brought into the wealthy NYC world where kids attend exclusive prep schools that protect their name over their students, take drugs to help study harder, and where parents spend the week at the Hamptons while their 16 year old daughter has her own apartment suite in their house.

Det. Hatcher fights all her gut feelings to investigate this non-crime. She dives into the world of homeless kids living in a shelter and who’re paid to participate in drug trials. There are so many swirling worlds coming together, but its the ones that go back the furthest that seem to matter the most.

This was a suspenseful, exciting read. The first I’ve read by Alifair Burke and not my last.

Read July 2016.


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