A Trick of the Light

In Louise Penny’s A Trick of the Light, we are brought back to Three Pines for Chief Inspector Gamache to solve another crime. This time, after Clara Morrow’s opening of her art show, an old rival is found murdered in her garden. All the town are suspects, along with many members of the Montreal art community that came to Three Pines to celebrate with Clara.

Penny dives into the lives of many artists, dealers, and gallery owners in this novel and shows how long some one can harbor resentment. After the woman is identified, it seems almost everyone who knew her had a motive to kill her. She was a beast of a woman for those who knew her 20 years ago, but a kind, generous woman to those who knew her more recently. Can someone change that dramatically? Was the murder revenge for an old wrong, or maybe one a little newer?

Great read. Great characters. In this novel, Gamache and his sidekick Beauvoir are also dealing with the aftermath of a police raid gone horribly wrong. They continue to deal with this in the next couple of Penny novels, and I should try to get the novel when the raid happens in order to help piece all this together.

Read June 2016.


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