Love Me Back

Merritt Tierce’s Love Me Back is a strange book about a restaurant worker who threw away her life, husband, and child to work nights, sleep around, and do a lot of drugs. It seems well-written and intriguing, but either I missed the point of the novel or there wasn’t one. I kept waiting for a moment of redemption or forgiveness or even a good cause for Marie’s self-destruction. There are hints about a religious upbringing and a sheltered life that she’s breaking away from, but it seems like she had a decent childhood.

I read this a month or so ago, so maybe I’m forgetting some key parts of the story (which is possible and why I should document the books right after I read it). But I still liked reading Love Me Back. The character is engaging in her effort to destroy as much of her life as possible. I’d be interested to read another Tierce novel to see if her writing can develop plot a little better than just characters.

Read May 2016


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