Hidden Child

Hidden Child is Camilla Lackberg’s novel that follows The Stranger. I wasn’t crazy about the last novel but really hoped that Erika Falck would return and dive into her mother’s history. In the Hidden Child, Erika procrastinates her current novel to spend time going through her mother’s chest and journals. Inside, she had also discovered a Nazi medal.

While Erika is working, Patrik is on paternity leave from the police force but is having a hard time letting go of work. Its an interesting look into how their relationship needed to change when Erika started working again and how the transition to a stay-at-home-parent can be incredibly hard.

I really enjoyed this story, everything about wartime Sweden and how resistance fighters worked, to how a loss so severe can traumatize someone for the rest of their lives, and how the Neo Nazi movement is gaining a foothold in Sweden.

Read December 2015

*Side note: I learned that when traveling, I can get a temporary library card at another library. So handy!

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