All the Stars in Heaven

Adriana Trigiani loves to have large families at the center of her novels, and All the Stars in Heaven is no different. The main family centers around Loretta Young, a famous actress from the Golden Era of movies.

This was a fun read and I kept googling pictures of all the actors and actresses that make cameos in this novel. But the novel really centers around a brief love affair between Loretta Young and Clark Gable. I had to get past their age difference and that I read that there’s a possibility that Young at the end of her life admitted the affair may have been more coercion that love story. But Trigiani built up the love story between Young and Gable.

The two were never successful at becoming a couple and Gable never acknowledged his own daughter, so there’s a lot of heart break throughout the novel. Young’s Italian secretary (Trigiani had to stick an italian somewhere at the center of the story!) is a contrast to everything about Loretta and I’m glad her story remained throughout. She also had much heartbreak, but she was the moral compass of the novel.

I did end up enjoying this novel.

Read January 2016


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