The Weeping Girl

In Hakan Nesser’s The Weeping Girl the past defines the present. Over 15 years ago, Mikaela lost her father but it isn’t until her 18th birthday that her mother explains the crime he committed before he lost his mind. Determined to learn about his past, Mikaela travels to the coast to visit her father for the first time in her remembered life.

Along the way, Mikaela meets DI Ewa Moreno, who is on her way to holiday with her new boyfriend. Ewa must first make a short detour to interview a notorious criminal who will only speak with her.

After departing from Mikaela and finishing her interview, Ewa learns that Mikaela has gone missing. Supposedly on vacation, Ewa cannot walk away from finding out what happened to the girl she met on the train. Ewa must determine the past truth to find out what happened to Mikaela and its not what everyone supposed.

This was a gripping read and a great glimpse into a small Swedish vacation town.

Read October 2015


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