The Night Circus

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern is a magical tale about two old magicians and a contest between their protégées. The two magicians have an ongoing battle about which of their two different methods of training new young magicians is best. In order to demonstrate who’s way is better, they pick two untrained children and set about teaching them everything they will need to out-magic the other.

Celia and Marco are the young magicians and their arena is a magical circus that travels the world. The circus grows with new tents filled with some mechanical and mostly magical tricks to lure the circus goers into an unbelievable world. While the circus has many followers that age, no one in the circus or involved behind the scenes appears to be aging at all. While this is fine for some, others are bothered by the never endingness creating a sense of madness in some.

While Celia and Marco join the circus as rivals, they soon find that they stop trying to outdo one another and instead try to bring pleasure to each other. This is not what the old magicians wanted and they try to stop the new lovebirds since the contest only ends on their terms.

This is a fun, creative read filled with wondrous circus tents meant to appease every human sense. I read this for book club and it was a friend’s favorite recent book. While I wouldn’t go that far, The Night Circus really transported me to another, much more magical, world.

Read September 2015


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