Lucia, Lucia

Kit, an aspiring playwright, befriends her upstairs neighbor in their Greenwich Village apartment. Aunt Lu invites Kit to her upstairs apartment filled with memorabilia and knickknacks from her life. Adriana Trigiani’s Lucia, Lucia is the story of how Aunt Lu, Lucia, ended up living alone in her family’s former home which was turned into an apartment building and owned by her brother’s family.

Lucia came of age in the 1950’s when young woman entered the work force en masse with the expectation that they would resign once married or at the latest when they became pregnant. Lucia worked for an up and coming designer and could put together his designs beautifully. Her first engagement ends when she learns that her mother-in-law and family expect her to resign her career immediately upon marriage, but that she would also be expected to take care of her in-laws home and would be completely under her mother-in-laws rule. Her second engagement doesn’t fare much better and as hard as she tries, Lucia cannot escape from her family obligations.

Adriana Trigiani’s characters are rich and deep, but overall this novel made me sad for Lucia. She has a full life, but the things that were the most important to her as a young woman are slowly taken away from her until she’s left alone on the top floor apartment with her gifts from a bygone era.

Enjoyable, light read.

Read August 2015.


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