The Secret Brother

Another book to follow Flowers in the Attic, telling the tale of the small boy suffering arsenic poisoning. V.C. Andrews long ago died, and I don’t know who ghostwrites the books since her death, but they should get a new writer.

I loved the horror and elicit sex that a true V.C. Andrews book entailed. Someone was always illicitly lusting after a family member, only they DIDN’T KNOW THEY WERE FAMILY!! To be honest, these books were never great, but they were creative about how rich people (and they were almost always ridiculously rich) could corrupt the idea of family.

In The Secret Brother, we meet Clara Sue, a teenager who lost both her parents to tragedy and her grandmother to illness. At the very beginning, this girl who’s suffered so much loses her brother to a freak drunk driving accident. While at the hospital, her grandfather with whom she lives, ends up caring for a young boy who was dropped off and suffered from arsenic poisoning. The rest of the book is about how upset Clara Sue is that her grandfather has weirdly replaced her brother with this poisoned boy and how she reacts like a spoiled brat, almost the whole time. Nothing in the book, other than maybe the arsenic, ties it to Flowers in the Attic. If instead of focusing on a spoiled teenager who is justly grieving for her family, the novel spent more time on the psychological impact of what happened to the little boy, perhaps this would have been a good book.

But instead, V.C. Andrews spends too much time on a normal teen love affair that turns sour. Who cares!

Anyway, not worth the read.

Read July 2015


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