The Girl on the Train

In Paula Hawkins The Girl on the Train, we meet Rachel, the girl, on a train. From our first meeting with her it is obvious something is wrong with her, especially since she’s compulsively drinking G&T’s out of a can. Now, for a girl from Oregon, I’ve never heard of a G&T in a can and had to look it up, and it looks like gin in a tin is a real thing which makes it so much easier to get drunk in public, I suppose.

Anyway, Rachel is crazy. Not necessarily certifiable (although its not really clear if this is the case), but she’s stalking her ex-husband and her ex-husband’s neighbors, and she’s pretending to go to a job every day that she lost because she was drunk. So, not a reliable narrator.

Hawkins sets the reader up to not believe Rachel, and yet, Hawkins tells most of the story from her perspective. The crux of the story is about Rachel’s ex-husbands neighbor, who Rachel had also been stalking by watching her house from the train twice daily, who goes missing. Rachel believes she knows who did it because she saw someone while stalking her ex-husband’s neighbor while she passing on the train. I know…that’s exactly how crazy Rachel sounds when she tries to tell the police. Add to that that her ex-husband’s new wife has already complained to the police about how Rachel stalks them and once came into the house and grabbed her baby. I know…how can we believe Rachel when she cannot come up with a reasonable excuse why she did something so horrifying, other than…she was drunk.

Anyway, this book was phenomenal! I devoured it with all its twists and turns, never knowing what Rachel might remember next. It was awesome. I can’t even tell you why, but it is!!

Read July 2015


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