Prince Lestat

Almost 20 years ago (20 years after the original release) I read Interview with a Vampire for the first time and I was mesmerized. I was young, impressionable, trying to find my own way in the world and I came across Anne Rice’s vampires in a used book store. Having seen the movie already, I was intrigued by Lestat and how his character came out against Louis in his own self-centered books following the Interview. Over the years, I’ve read most, if not all, the books in the Vampire Chronicles. I would never say they were great literature, but Anne Rice was inventive, dark, and strangely romantic in her telling of the vampires.

I hadn’t read another Anne Rice book in several years and was intrigued when I came across Prince Lestat at the library. I can’t say I had the highest expectations, but I expected to be drawn back to the world that Anne Rice created with these rich, beautiful vampires wandering around the globe.

Unfortunately, this novel disappointed me. There were too many characters and each had their own chapters to tell their stories. It wasn’t until the end when Lestat, oh the enigmatic Lestat, finally came to the front of the story to take his thrown as the Prince of Vampires and the central narrator of the story.

Overall, I love the Vampire Chronicles. This was one of, or the, weakest book of the group. It was hard to get through the first half or 2/3, but once I did, I enjoyed the novel. I believe Anne Rice wrote this for her fans who wanted to know what’s been happening with all the characters and instead of breaking up the tales, she shoved them all under one cover. Oh well, can’t win them all.

Read July 2015


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