The Stonecutter

In The Stonecutter, Camilla Lackberg brings back Patrik Hedstrom and Erika Falck who have just had a daughter together. Erika deals with her new post partum life as best she can and befriends another mother. Unfortunately, it is her new friend’s daughter whose body is found in a fisherman’s net. As Patrik and Erika deal with their new parenthood and how emotional another child’s death can be, it is even more heart breaking when the post mortem reveals that the water in Sara’s lungs came from a bathtub.

Lackberg writes multiple sub-plots that run throughout the novel. The stonecutter, Anders, falls for the boss’s daughter Agnes over 80 years ago and tumultuous love affair has repercussions that Lackberg skillfully and slowly reveal to the reader. Patrik’s boss discover’s his paternal, although still very self centered, side when an offspring from a long forgotten affair turns up. Erika’s sister reunites with her horrifically abusive husband in hopes of saving the children. All the stories are united by parenthood and how much of what the adults are doing is for the children’s benefit. Each parent, in their own way, tries to make their children feel their love, sometimes in very disturbing and unhealthy ways.

Camilla Lackberg’s novels are a thrill to read and The Stonecutter was no exception. All the story lines and time periods fit together and make the novel flow. She is able to deal with very serious subjects of abuse, murder, greed while still keeping the main characters balanced and loving.

Read May 2015


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