Never Coming Back

In Never Coming Back Tim Weaver’s character David Raker isolates himself in his father’s former cottage right by the sea in Devon. Raker retired from private investigations after the last one ended with him almost dead. In this small village, a young boy found a dead body washed ashore. Former DCI Healy, Raker’s housemate and friend, tries to assist the local police but is pushed out of the investigation.

After the body is found, Raker’s former love seeks him out to help her find her missing sister. Emily Kane arrived at her sister’s house months ago and the family was just gone. The house looked like someone was home: food on the stove, table set, dog food in the bowl, wallets and cell phones still there, but no one was home. Even months later, no information about the family’s whereabouts turned up.

While trying to dig up information on this dead end case, Raker is brought back into a world that he hoped to leave behind. The characters travel from the UK to LA and Vegas in trying to piece together what happened to this family. All the stories and characters weaving in and out to try to find a family of ordinary people who accidentally got mixed up in something horrific. The settings are beautifully described whether its an ancient ruin of a city wiped away by a storm or the newness of the Vegas strip.

I enjoyed reading this novel and the different places that Weaver took the characters. There were so many plot points that came together to find the outcome for the missing family. Overall a very well done novel.

Read May 2015


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