Echo Park

Echo Park is another of Michael Connelly’s Harry Bosch novels. This time, Bosch is back in the police department in their Open-Unsolved Unit. Bosch reviews a case that he worked back in 1993 when a young woman named Marie Gesto went missing. Back then Bosch settled on a suspect but could never find evidence. Over the years, the suspect, who had no evidence against him, felt so harassed by Bosch that he was able to take out a restraining order against Bosch so that he could not be interviewed without his lawyer present.

Today (2006), an arrested serial killer has claimed that he committed the Gesto murder and as part of a plea arrangement, he would lead the detectives to the body. As always, Bosch is emotionally invested in this case and tags along with the other investigations and district attorneys to try to close this case. Of course, nothing turns out to go smoothly and soon Bosch determines that there is much more to the serial killer than the Gesto murder. While trying to uncover the truth about the 13 year old case, he uncovers a conspiracy involving murderers, politicians, and policemen.

A great, easy read with many twists and turns.

Read May 2015.


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