The Devil in Montmartre

The Devil in Montmartre by Gary Inbinder was an interesting read. Having just read and enjoyed The Yard, there were so many similarities. A young and upcoming detective with a young wife, newly discovered fingerprinting evidence, post-Jack the Ripper world, prostitutes, separate sub plots. It felt like the author read The Yard and decided to reinvent it in Montmartre with a lot more name dropping of artists of the time.

I can’t say if I would have enjoyed the book on its own, but when compared to Alex Grecian’s work, The Devil in Montmartre couldn’t match up. It felt like trudging through mud while reading. The book never compelled me to sit down and read it, so it took forever to get through.

Anyway, maybe this book would be more enjoyable for any one interested in some art from the period since Inbinder included many artists. Overall, i just didn’t enjoy this novel very much.

Read April 2015


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