The Poet

Again, I fell behind in my documenting what I’ve read. Which translates to me being almost a month behind on this one. My brain only retains so much after that long, which is actually the point of this blog so that I can keep some memories of the books. And yet again, i failed. So instead of a detailed write-up of Michael Connelly’s The Poet, I’ll tell you the main points that I remembered. The main point is that the FBI agents screw over the main guy, Jack McEvoy and everyone else really, by hiding most information about a killing spree across the country. Sometimes its a dead kid or teacher, but that killing is always followed by another. It takes a journalist, who’s own brother was a victim, to put the pieces together. This book was a great thriller and I can’t put together a cohesive synopsis. That’s my failure, not the book. I happened to read 3 additional thrillers immediately following this and I’m confusing some of the events. (Which, by the way, doesn’t predict great synopsis of the next couple of books either.) I received this book from my dear aunt-in-law and put it aside for whatever reason until I noticed that the intro was written by Stephen King. This alone made me pick up the book, but the crazy literary references and double killing spree kept my attention. I devoured this book and will probably read again since it was so great and my memory so poor. Read March 2015


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