The Black Echo

Michael Connelly’s The Black Echo was a bit of a let down after The Poet, but only because the other one was so dynamic and captivating. This is an earlier work of Connelly’s and he definitely improved his storytelling ability with The Poet. The start of The Black Echo is a murder that no one should have figured out. A druggie found dead in a drain pipe, his body pumped of drugs. The only problem with this quickly packed away crime is that Detective Harry Bosch knew the deceased from his service in Vietnam. Seeing the dead body brings back memories and Bosch looks for clues harder than another detective would have. In tracking down the murderer, Bosch needs to dive back down to the tunnels, the underbelly of most cities, which connect everything to everything. Back in Vietnam, Bosch blew up tunnels to prevent Americans from getting killed and in the process killed many. Now, its the tunnels, lead by a former friend that are used to steal huge amounts of money smuggled to the US during the Vietnam War. Michael Connelly is a  captivating writer and this novel drew me in. It was a solid, quick read. Read March 2015


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