The Hanged Man’s Song

John Sandford’s The Hanged Man’s Song may have been ahead of its time in 2003, but it did not age well. The story and characters revolve around computer hackers Kidd and LuEllen and an underground world of deceit and political highjacking. Their world starts to feel the pressure when super-hacker Bobby is murdered. Bobby was a criminal mastermind with a terminal illness and confined in a wheelchair when he was attacked.  Someone only stole his laptop that had everything on it to possible connect all the hackers in his network to crimes. Of course, Kidd and LuEllen, along with some other friends, had to get the laptop back.

The book is filled with shootouts, sex, politicians, criminals, etc. It was an easy book to read, but it wasn’t great. It would be a perfect book to read while sitting on the beach drinking margaritas, but not under the cold, cloudy northwest sky.

Read January 2015


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