Death in August

In Death in August, Marco Vichi’s Inspector Bordelli has seen more than he’d like of petty crime after Italy began its recovery after World War II, but it doesn’t leave him jaded and cynical. Instead he respects that with the horrible economy of post-war Italy, people need to survive and sometimes that means breaking the laws. Inspector Bordelli, against direct orders, fights for the little guy, even if the little guy is caught breaking and entering occasionally.

When a wealthy signora dies under suspicious circumstances, Ins. Bordelli has to try to find answers with the city sweltering and empty. Like most crime novels, the Inspector stews on the details of the crime for lengthy periods trying to put the pieces together, especially since his main suspects were supposedly at the beach during the time of the murder.

Bordelli is a reluctant bachelor wishing that he had someone to share his life. Instead of a wife, he surrounds himself with friends that he meets in his line of work. His friendships sustain him and his dinner parties give him and his friends a platform to reminisce about their lives, war, loves, and maintain a connection that make him content.

This was a quick crime read. Entertaining and enjoyable to read.

Read December 2014


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