The Mysterious Death of Mr. Darcy

The Mysterious Death of Mr. Darcy enticed me, as I’m guessing was the intent, by the thought that Darcy from Pride and Prejudice dies under mysterious circumstances. The novel quickly cleared this up when a family member dies and Mr. and Mrs. Darcy travel through the country to attend to the other Mr. Darcy’s estate and take care of some last wishes and the inheritance of Darcy.

Regina Jeffers sticks to the language and culture of Jane Austen’s novel, but this one is so dense and dripping with sugary romance. I think part of why Austen’s novels have held up so well is that the romance is secondary to the social commentary within her books. Jeffers does not accomplish this. I think she’s trying to make the crime the primary theme and the romance second, but I don’t think she succeeded. If I was more inclined to read romance novels, perhaps I would have appreciated this book more. And when I say romance, I mean the dime-back romance novels, not the Chick Lit romances that I do love.

Overall, it felt hard to read this book to the end.

Read August 2014.


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