Steven D. Levitt is an economist. Stephen J. Dubner is a writer. Together they wrote Freakonomics. They take general ideas and prove whether their is any relationship between things that have nothing in common or things that seem to be related. For example, Levitt and Dubner proved that both teachers and Sumo wrestlers, both groups held in high esteem, will cheat based on the system set up for their success. They support the premise that allowing legal abortions had more to do with decreased crime rates in the 90’s than any other public policies. They support that a parent’s education has more do with a child’s success that any child rearing strategy out there.

While a lot of their facts were fascinating and captivated my attention, much of the book read like a economics textbook. I know they are very interested in their topics, as are many of the readers, but I thought it kept going much longer than my interest. This isn’t the first time I tried to read this book and I think I only finished because my book club chose it.

So I think most people who would gravitate to this book would be interested in portions or all of it. Its not a book that needs to be read from cover to cover. In fact, in retrospect, if I had read only chapters every few months, like articles in a magazine, I would probably have like the book more.

Read August 2014


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