Evidence of Murder

Evidence of Murder is the second in Lisa Black’s series about forensic scientist Theresa MacLean. Theresa goes with her police detective cousin to investigate a missing person case, only to have the victim show up days later in a freezing Cleveland park. Theresa has nothing but contempt for the victim until the forensic evidence doesn’t show a cause of death. No signs of hypothermia, drugs, foul play, nothing. It looks as if Jillian Perry walked into the park without proper clothing, sat down and stopped breathing. Since that’s not how most people would be able to control their body’s reflexes in the intense cold to commit suicide, Theresa keeps investigating the physical evidence until she’s able to figure out what cause Jillian’s death.

The cast of possible suspects include her former escort service boss, her stalker best friend, and her internet-game developing husband. All have a possible cause to murder her, but Theresa finds it hard to pin point the murderer until the method of murder is discovered.

This novel kept my interest but there are many plausibility problems for me. First, how would a forensic scientist who’s been kept in the lab find the time to do this investigation. Also, she investigates almost all on her own, hardly ever bringing in her cousin who’s the detective on the case. Throughout the story it is clear that Lisa Black has a strong background in forensic science, and the details about the murder and cover up are great! Its the rest of the investigation that cause me trouble. Its still a decent read if you can let some of the plot problems go.

Read July 2014.


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