The Ice Princess

The The Ice Princess, by Camilla Lackberg takes place in the small coastal town of Fjallbacka, Sweden. Erica Falck is thrown into small town relationships and histories in a bitter cold picturesque place. This very small town of her childhood is changing with the urban wealthy moving into vacation homes and changes even more when her childhood friend is found dead, frozen in her bath with her wrists slit.

No events in this novel stand alone, everything is tied to events of the past. When Alex’s body is found, Erica must examine her own relationship with her childhood friend and how childhoods can scar for a lifetime. Secrets are hidden under the surface and every thing and one are connected through them.

As a biographer, Erica uses the life of Alex to explore the crime and her own past. Its interesting to watch Erica come alive in her quest for a story. It seems unlike her, but with the help of the local police, she makes discoveries to unearth the story of Alex’s death. All of the characters have histories they would like to keep hidden and many of them have unexpected connections to the beautiful murder victim which Erica unravels slowly to find the murderer.

This was a beautifully told crime novel with unexpected turns. Recommended crime novel.

Read May 2014


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