A Murder in Tuscany

I’m a little backlogged documenting books, so I’m not going to spend much time rethinking about this one. A Murder in Tuscany by Christobel Kent was ok. It wasn’t very compelling to read, and I came across more than a couple of typos. Maybe theres a difference between British English and America English, who knows? Its been over a month since I read this so I can’t pinpoint any specifics.

The story was ok, nothing exciting. It had the typical old, worn out detective. In this case, he was dismissed from the police and now worked as a private detective. There was a very young, socially questionable, female assistant with a moped and computer skills. (Sound familiar?) The setting in the Tuscan countryside, one of my favorites, was not enough to pull this book together for me.

Again, I read this over a month ago and I still cannot think of anything good. It was an ok book. Not recommended.

Read May 2014.


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